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Creativity - the basis of everything we do

It was a very, very long way, from a strictly technical education, the following professions as an engineer in furniture design and vehicle construction, and the actually completely filled everyday life as a family father and owner, to becoming a writer.

Time takes on a new significance. Time to write. Time to experience the created world for oneself and to explore it down to the smallest detail. Time that suddenly becomes scarce for the rest of life.
And yet not a second invested in it is lost.

The fascination of creating your own world according to your own ideas and being able to watch others immerse themselves in it is worth every effort.

Simon Schoßböck: Creative to the finest vein. As an engineer & developer, as an author and writer. Always connected with a unique design.

Who wants to get to know the most original creativity of Simon Schoßböck, must his writerly alter ego,Simon Evans Robertsget to know him.

And of course his debut work "Silversteen".

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