Pump-nozzle remedy

Repair and prevention for pump-nozzle engines

First signs of pump-nozzle damage:

Poor starting behavior of your engine (especially at operating temperature or after a long period of standing)

Unsteady engine running / idling

Missing / low oil pressure (bearing shells already worn out due to diesel in the oil)

Stalling in city traffic

Loss of power

Compression loss

Diluted engine oil due to diesel mixture

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Working principle of the PDE bridge

Easy assembly and disassembly

The installation of our products is done without any modifications / work on the engine/cylinder head. Original bolts and mounting points are used. Service-related reassembly for further maintenance work can be carried out without any problems due to the multi-part design.

The following product solutions have been developed:

PDE body holder

PDE bridge

reinforced VITON PDE seals

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