David W.

"Just rebuilding third engine with your systems. Works great. With the 2.5l 174ps no more starting difficulties perfect running at idle consumption about 1.5 -2 liters less."


Steve K.

"Did it the other day on the 2.5 Tdi T5 bus, really worth it, no more diesel in the oil and starts perfectly! Seats were already badly attacked before!"


Sepp R.

"My "short" report: The quality of the holders is perfect, clean milled - the delivery was fast.
Condition of the engine: Signs of wear after 215,000 km (engine has run about 120,000 km long distance) on the camshaft minor - no scoring, all cams smooth, some "polished". The elements had barely worked their way into the head. The o-rings of the PDE's were still very good, hardly/not worn, as you often see.
The rebuild: We installed the PD holders in my T5 1.9 AXB 2 days ago - just a precaution, no defect. The engine ran so far at cold start a little (PD) rough, but then always astrein. The change of all sealing rings goes fast. One must work very cleanly. Therefore, clean the PD element carefully, the nozzles also and also the bore in the head. The holder is screwed to the PDE with 2 small countersunk screws. For this, the small flat iron and the two original screws are omitted. We only tightened the new screws by feel, but secured them with Loctite. The new (expansion) bolts for the bracket and also the bolts for the rocker arm shaft are tightened one after the other more and more firmly and then with torque+angle. The cam followers we have adjusted for lack of dial indicator free eye (PDE at the lowest point and 180 degrees back).
Conclusion: The holders are top quality, very accurate fit and the installation is for mechanics without problems to make - time required for 4-zZlinder about 2 hours. I would buy the parts again. They create confidence compared to the original holders. A big thumbs up to the developers and the whole team!"