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Reinforced Viton seals for pump nozzle unit

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A set per injector necessary.

Newly developed excess sealing rings made of high quality Viton sealing material for the Upper injector seat.

  • Newly developed excess sealing rings made of high quality Viton sealing material for the upper injector seat (a set per injector necessary).

  • Use in combination with PDE bridge or PDE body holders with already heavily incorporated sealing surfaces in the cylinder head or persistent leakage of the PDE seats.

  • Dealing surfaces do not have to be machined mechanically (exception: slight manual smoothing of sharp edges in the area of ​​the entrained seats useful). The precautionary use is not recommended due to the excess - with little damaged seating surfaces we recommend the original sealing sets from Bosch.

  • Matching excess for significantly improved sealing properties.

  • Special material Viton / FKM for excellent chemical resistance to oil and diesel, as well as the temperature range prevailing in the engine.

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All products of 07Eins / Motor (pump nozzle remedy) are designed to minimize the effects of the facts existing construction defects on the relevant motors or to reduce their symptoms. The early use of the products can positively influence the life of the cylinder head and narrow the effects of already incurred damage. However, too well advanced inlet tracks and damage to sealing surfaces, but can not be balanced by our products. Building installation / disassembly costs due to use, consumables and follow-up costs are always on the customer side and are not reimbursed by pump nozzle remedy.