FLIP Light Switch Extender lowers the reachable height of pushbutton switches by approx. 20 cm (6.9 inches) for effortless actuation.

Now on Kickstarter: FLIP - The light switch extender

The first Kickstarter campaign " FLIP - the light switch extender".by 07eins is live since 05/24/2022 and runs until 06/23/2022! The FLIP light switch extender lowers the reachable height of push button switches by approx. 20 cm for effortless operation.Support us and secure your FLIP at Kickstarterto be among the first!Kickstarter backers will be delivered first.

"Early Bird" backers are expected to be able to hold their FLIP in their hands from October 2022, all other backers from November! In addition, the FLIP can be purchased individualized with the name of the child.

The idea:

...behind "FLIP" is easily explained!

We all know that our children want to be like adults from the minute they are born!

"FLIP" is specially designed for children from one to about three years (in the case of small growth to 5 years), when their energy and desire to discover are at their peak!
At this age, they have just started to walk and now explore their room and the whole house with great pleasure!
Of course, they watch us closely when we turn the lights on and off in each room, and they want to do it themselves!
With "FLIP" they can now reach the lights without any problems!
The newfound ability to control their own room, hallway or bathroom actively helps their personal development, boosts self-confidence and simply makes them proud of themselves!

"FLIP" will be available in a variety of colors so everyone can find their favorite, and we plan to use only recycled plastics for production to achieve a clean environmental footprint for the entire product!

Starting point:

Toddlers aged 1 to 3 years (up to 5 years if they are small) have a great urge to be independent and explore their environment on their own. However, they are still too small for the usual switch heights.

The solution:

"FLIP" makes life easier for your child at home or on vacation: it can reach the light switch more easily and with less effort. And it learns the first steps towards independence and self-confidence.
"FLIP" Light Switch Extender lowers the reachable height of push button switches by approx. 20 cm for effortless operation.


"FLIP" allows toddlers to operate the light switches in the nursery or hallway without effort.
Active development promotion through support of independence
Avoiding injuries when jumping or climbing to reach the switches
Joy and excitement about new tasks and opportunities in the toddler's life


  • Pushbutton switches square minimum size of 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2 inches).
  • single pushbutton switch or combination of one pushbutton switch and one lower connector

The design of "FLIP" allows it to be used on almost any type of switch, including those with button or jog actuation.
Or, as in this example, on a combination of switch and sockets. The opening of the "FLIP" housing still provides access to the power cables!
The adhesive tape we use is very reliable, yet easy to remove without leaving marks on the surfaces used.


  • Unpack your "FLIP".
  • Remove the cover of the black foam pad.
  • Align the foam pad of your "FLIP" centrally with the push button of the switch.
  • Press the "FLIP" firmly onto the push button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Your "FLIP" is now ready for use.

"FLIP" is easy to attach by peeling off the paper from the self-adhesive backing on the back.

The flexible foam base allows for effortless mounting on all types of shapes and surfaces that our switches come with, and also compensates for any unwanted bending and twisting as the happy kids operate their lights!


  • Operate your "FLIP" in the same way as the normal push button.

FLIP - The light switch extender will be implemented if the "Funding" sum of 27,000 EUR is reached. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the FLIP will be available in 07eins' online store.

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