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Performance set for VW T5 2.5 TDI: PFS kit + PDE bridge + VITON seals + PDE line kit + PDE mounting kit

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Performance Set for VW T5 2.5 TDI

The 07eins "Performance" kit for VW T5 2.5 TDI (all code letters):

1 x Performance Fuel Supply Kit (PFS kit) for fuel filter with 2 or 4 connections.


To determine the appropriate variant of the performance Fuel Supply Kit for your vehicle, please check in advance which type of filter would be installed (with 2 or 4 connections). You will find all the necessary information in the "Selection guide" section of the Installation Instructions (German) or Installation instructions (English).

  • PFSK-4: Version for use in vehicles with 4 connections on the fuel filter unit
  • PFSK-2: Version for use in vehicles with 2 connections on the fuel filter unit
  • PFSK-U: universal variant with hose connections (separate product


1 x ORIGINAL PDE bridge (pump nozzle unit bridge)

5 x reinforced VITON gasket set

1 x PDE line set / PDE wiring harness for 5-cylinder

1 x PDE mounting kit for 5-cylinder

  • The original Performance Fuel Supply Kit, developed by 07eins in 2021, for fuel filters with 2 or 4 connections.
  • The original PDE bridge, already developed by 07eins in 2015 and installed in thousands of vehicles since then - a meanwhile proven means to repair damaged cylinder heads, as well as to prevent function-endangering damages of the injector sealing seats
  • The installation is carried out without any modification to the cylinder head and add-on parts.
  • Our modular, utility model-protected system ensures trouble-free assembly and disassembly through the use of individual components, as well as the tolerance compensation of the individual injectors to each other, which is necessary for uniform pressure distribution, through the flexible connecting strip made of special aluminum alloy.
  • In a large number of cases, it is no longer necessary to replace the damaged cylinder head, since the newly centered PDE can seal again even in damaged sealing surfaces (for more details, see the "Pump-injector remedy").
  • The effectiveness depends largely on the condition and pre-existing damage of the seating surfaces. In the case of recognizably deep run-in marks, a repair can be attempted in combination with our reinforced Viton sealing rings.

Our offer as a decision-making aid:

Before replacing the cylinder head - test the PDE bridge! Unfortunately, in older vehicles with high mileage, the sources of failure are always manifold. We would like to support you in your decision to repair and therefore offer you an extended right of return for the use of our products. If there is no improvement on your vehicle, you can return our products for two months for a refund of your purchase price, regardless of whether there are signs of use (assembly/disassembly costs, consumables and follow-up costs are excluded from this).

Scope of delivery:

1 x Performance Fuel Supply Kit (PFS kit) for fuel filter with 2 (071MTR001PFSK-2) or 4-port (071MTR001PFSK-4)

1 x PDE bridge (071MTR002PDEB) with:

  • 1x flex connector strip
  • 5x steel clamping bracket
  • Mounting screws and
  • Fixing clamps for the electrical connection bar

5 x VITON sealing set (1 set = 2 pieces/cylinder) (071MTR001PDEV)

1 x PDE line set for 5-cylinder (071MTR001PDEL-05)

1 x PDE mounting kit for 5-cylinder (071MTR001PDES-05)

Delivery time: Immediately available after receipt of payment.

All 07eins / Engine (Pump Nozzle Remedy) products are designed to minimize the effects of, or reduce the symptoms of, factory design defects in the engines concerned. Early use of the products can positively influence the service life of the cylinder head and limit the effects of damage that has already occurred. However, even our products cannot compensate for run-in marks and damage to the sealing surfaces that have progressed too far. Any assembly/disassembly costs incurred by an application, consumables and follow-up costs are always on the customer side and will not be reimbursed by Pumpe-Düse-Abhilfe.