07eins Preiserhöhung zum 01.01.2022

07eins Price increase as of 01.01.2022

Since 2015, customers have trusted our products such as the original PDE bridge, the PDE body holders or the reinforced VITON sealing rings.

In order to be able to manufacture our products in the usual high quality standard, we are continuously dependent on raw materials and materials from the national and international market, whose price situation has drastically tightened over the last years.

Our goal is to keep the manufactured products always in a cost range for our customers, which enables each driver concerned to make the appropriate investment for his vehicle.

Through constant improvements in productivity, we have been able to keep a now necessary price adjustment to the increased raw material and production costs within very narrow limits, which are as follows:

Our prices for B2C customers will increase by 7% on average as of 01.01.2022, for example:

- PDE bridge and PDE mounting sets by 10 EUR/piece.

- PDE body holder depending on the version by 10 - 20 EUR/piece

- VITON sealing rings by 2.05 EUR/set

The price scale for our B2B customers is subject to the following adjustment in order to be able to reliably guarantee the usual fast delivery times and high quality standards:

BRONZE partners will now receive up to 5% discount, SILVER partners up to 10% discount and GOLD partners up to 15% discount, provided they comply with the relevant conditions of our partner program.

As material and energy costs form a major part of the production of our products, we are pleased to be able to keep the effects of the current market prices on our product range comparably low - despite the necessary adjustments - and to continue to supply our customers with excellent products in the future.

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