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07eins PDE line set wiring harness 2.5 TDI VW Multivan Transporter T5 injection nozzle pump nozzle 070971033

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07eins PDE line kit / PDE wiring harness for 5-cylinder pump injector engines.

Matching electrical connection strip of the pump-nozzle elements. Known and frequent source of error, especially in older vehicles.


Due to the influence of temperature and vibrations inside the engine, non-visible cable breaks often occur under the insulating sheath of the cables over a longer period of time, as well as contact problems at the plug connections.

The consequences are engine misfires and judder of varying severity while driving, and in some cases impaired power delivery


Typical faults with defective PDE line set / PDE wiring harness:

  • Unsteady engine running
  • Poor starting behavior
  • Engine judder at idle
  • Engine misfires while driving


Due to the high amount of work required to replace this assembly, precautionary replacement is recommended when working on the PDE, as the PDE wiring harness is already exposed and can be replaced in a few simple steps


Reference numbers (for comparison):

  • A.I.C. Competition - 58336 / 58336
  • MEAT & DORIA - 25489 / 25489
  • BUTCHER - 2324071 / 2324071
  • VW - 070 971 033 / 070971033

Scope of delivery:

1x PDE wiring harness for 2.5 TDI (VW Multivan Transporter T5)