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07eins GmbH

07eins Performance Fuel Supply Kit (universal version for own connection)

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Specially developed, universal mechanical valve control unit which prevents the fuel lines to the cylinder head from running empty when the engine is switched off.

The fuel valve kit is designed to support the function of the pre-feed pump and replace missing/damaged or worn components of the factory fuel return system.

  • Universal mounting and application capability using labeled connections.
  • Improved starting performance, especially after extended downtime
  • Reduced diesel entry into the engine oil during longer starting procedures

Version for universal use in any vehicles after own connection to the respective fuel lines.

Alternative: version for VW 2.5 TDI engines with quick couplings available in the store



While driving, fuel from the tank continuously circulates through the cylinder head and heats up the entire fuel supply via the quantity recirculated. After shutting down the unit, the physical effects of fuel cooling can cause the fuel in the delivery lines to withdraw from the cylinder head despite the tank vent being intact.

The result is delayed starting with longer running time of the starter motor until an engine start occurs.

Over a longer period of time, minimal amounts of fuel that were not burned during the delayed starting process enter the crankcase and can thus contribute to the well-known oil buildup with the associated consequential damage.

The fuel valve kit uses threshold pressure valves to isolate both the forward and return flow of the fuel lines from the tank and diesel filter after shutdown, thus ensuring that sufficient fuel is always available directly in the cylinder head to guarantee an immediate, clean engine start.

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Valve control unit with 4 hose clamps, suitable for diesel filter with four connections.