About 07eins

  • Our "07eins" philosophy

    07eins GmbH was founded on 07.01.2020. Our name is our program, because one thing we are definitely not: 08/15! We are 07eins!

    07eins combines concept and product development with design to create a unique symbiosis:

    The 07eins-UUXperience: "Usability & User Experience".

    07eins GmbH - concept & product design, product development, prototype construction and production implementation from a single source.

    Because more than ten years of experience in industrial design and product design have led to the same insight:

    A product needs more than good design. And excellent design needs more than a good product.

    Like a single ingredient, design fits into the overall recipe that ultimately leads to success. Without this ingredient, the result would be tasteless. The ingredient on its own would not make a dish.

    This metaphor aptly describes what Concept & Product Design should look like. A balanced composition of timeless design, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, sustainable materials and cost-conscious production.

    And at the center of everything we do is the user of the product, the "user". That is why we stringently follow the "UUX" principles in 07eins: "Usability" and "User Experience" as the basis of our actions: the 07eins-UUXperience.

    To achieve this, much more is required than an artistic sketch, on a patient sheet of paper.

    For our 07eins-Technologies rely with our 07eins-Services market-leading 3D CAD systems for the design, creation and development of your products. A fully equipped in-house prototyping facility, including CNC milling technology, CNC plasma cutting and state-of-the-art 3D printing and scanning technology, guarantees unbiased functional testing, from the earliest stages of a development, through to the "frozen design model" and subsequent readiness for series production. At any time. From one source: We are 07eins!

    The 07eins GmbH - concept & product design, product development, prototype construction and production realization

    Everything from one source.
    Your technology partner.
    Independent of industry.