Pump nozzle unit bridge for Volkswagen T5 (2.5 TDI)

VW T5 2.5 TDI pump nozzle unit bridge

The original PDE bridge, already developed by 07eins in 2015 and since then installed in thousands of vehicles - a meanwhile proven means to repair damaged cylinder heads, as well as to prevent function-endangering damages of the injector sealing seats.

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The ORIGINAL PDE bridge from 07eins

Frequently asked questions about the PDE bridge

Is my vehicle also affected?

It affects all diesel engines with pump-injector units (PDE) that are bolted on one side.

How do I notice that something is wrong with my vehicle?

- Starting problems with the engine especially at cold start and when the engine is particularly hot.

- Unsteady idling (speed fluctuations) or sporadic misfires at low speed ("swallowing" of the engine)

- Diluted engine oil ("engine oil proliferation") due to diesel mixture (oil level increases with time)

- Missing / low oil pressure when the bearing shells are already worn out due to diesel in the oil

- Engine stalling in city traffic

- Loss of power

- Compression loss

For more important information, see: "What happens if I don't do anything about it and I don't install a bridge for the pump-injector unit (PDE)?".

What happens if I do nothing about it and I do not install a bridge for the unit injector (PDE)?

- In all diesel engines with unit injectors (PDE) that are bolted on one side, the PDEs work their way into the cylinder head more and more over the runtime.

- This causes diesel to mix into the engine oil due to leaks.

- The lubricating effect of the engine oil is significantly reduced, which over time leads to complete engine damage.

Details on the origin of the damage and the functional principle of the PDE bridge can be found in our video:
Functional principle of the PDE bridge (pump-nozzle bridge) to prevent cylinder head damage.

Do I need the PDE bridge or the PDE body holders?

- The PDE bridge is specially developed for VW 5-cylinder 2.5 liter TDI engines with pump-injector unit.

- The PDE body holders are a more universal development of the PDE bridge, suitable for all 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder, 5-cylinder and 10-cylinder VAG/VW TDI engines with unit injectors.

- Customers with a VW 5-cylinder 2.5-liter TDI engine with a unit injector thus have a choice between the PDE bridge and the PDE body mounts. Most of these customers opt for the PDE bridge, as longer experience values are still available here.

What experience values are there?

- The PDE bridge has already been successfully installed more than 3000 times in VW 2.5 liter TDI engines.

- The mileage usually increases by 100,000 km or more.

How does the PDE bridge work for engines with pump-injector units (PDE) installed on one side?

- The PDE bridge ensures more even fixing of the PDEs compared to the factory-fitted clamping shoes, which are only fixed on one side.

- This prevents, especially when the gasket sets are replaced at the same time and the reinforced 07eins-VITON gasket rings are used, the PDEs from working their way back into the cylinder head and causing the familiar problems due to leaks.

Details on the origin of the damage and the functional principle of the PDE bridge can be found in our video:
Functional principle of the PDE bridge (pump-injector bridge) to prevent cylinder head damage.

How does the installation work?

- The installation of our products is done without any modifications / work on the engine / cylinder head. Original screws and mounting points are used. A service-related reassembly for further maintenance work can be carried out without any problems due to the multi-part design.

- The factory-fitted clamping shoes 2 to 5 for the pump-injector units are replaced by the PDE bridge elements.

- Professional revision and disassembly of the unit injector elements requires the use of new expansion bolts and sealing elements. If required, selected complete sets of consumables in excellent quality are available at the following link:
PDE bridge (complete set)

- The installation can either be done for you by any automotive workshop or you can do it yourself if you are technically skilled accordingly.

Where can I find a suitable automotive workshop?

You can easily find suitable automotive workshops for the installation of the 07eins PDE bridge with our installation workshop finder:07eins partner workshops

Can I carry out the installation myself?

Experienced screwdrivers can also dare to install the 07eins unit injector products themselves.

The corresponding video and PDF installation guides contain all the important information with step-by-step instructions:own installation (do it yourself)

What else is useful?

- We always recommend to renew all gasket sets of the pump-nozzle units, especially the uses of 07eins reinforced VITON gaskets.

You can find a complete set in our store:
PDE bridge (complete set)

- In addition, we recommend in this course also to renew the line set completely. For the 2.5 TDI engine you will find in here in our store:VW T5 wiring harness

  • PDE bridge


    1x Flex connector strip

    5x steel clamp mounting screws and

    fixing clamps for the electrical connecting strip

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  • Complete set

    The 07eins complete set:

    1 x ORIGINAL PDE bridge (pump nozzle unit bridge)

    5 x reinforced VITON gasket set

    1 x PDE mounting kit for 5-cylinder

    for VW T5 2.5 TDI (All code letters)

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  • Ultimate set

    The 07eins "Ultimate" Set:

    1 x ORIGINAL PDE bridge (pump injector unit bridge)

    5 x reinforced VITON gasket set

    1 x PDE line set / PDE wiring harness for 5-cylinder

    1 x PDE mounting kit for 5-cylinder

    for VW T5 2.5 TDI (All code letters)

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